A Letter to those Voices in my Head

Dear Saboteurs,

Some people call you their inner critics, monkey mind, critical voices, gremlins… but I call you guys my saboteurs.  Because that’s what you do.  You sabotage me.

I think you all know who you are because you’ve been around since I was about 6.

Remember?  When I looked at everyone else’s drawings in 1st grade and realized that mine didn’t look the same as all the other kids.

I’m talking to you, Mr. Comparison.

You probably didn’t want me to have my feelings hurt, so you said, hey, kiddo, yours isn’t as good as the other kids.  Your drawing looks stupid.  That was a perfect way to get me not to draw anything but stick figures and even then you said they didn’t look right either.

What’s been happening is that I am having phenomenal experiences traveling around & I’m always taking classes in cool stuff and so I really would like to share all that with my peeps.  Okay, so I’m not always clear about what I’m going to write or why I’m standing on my head in front of castles, but hey, I want my readers to have fun and do some silly stuff, too.

So Miss Not Good Enough shows up & I say to myself, “who wants to read about my life?  And it’s just being self indulgent anyway.”  That is you, MISS NOT GOOD ENOUGH…that is you, talking in my head.   See….I know, when I’m in my best moments, I can recognize you and know that it’s not really true.

When I don’t write, I suspect my readers sometimes wonder what happened to Jo?  Where’d she go?  Doesn’t she care about us anymore?  I don’t write sometimes because it’s not perfect & so then I have to edit over and over.  Because, as you know, Miss Perfection,  I’ll hear you scream in my head if it’s not just right.

And since I work with busy women  like me, I want to inspire them to have their lives be easier and put meaning into it in between being crazy busy.

And if they’re not living the life of their dreams, I want to inspire them, to have the kind of life they love .  So I need to show up…. on my blog, on the page.

Do you all remember a couple of weeks ago when I sent out my last post?  It mysteriously went out before I had a chance to format it or edit.  There were misspelled words, it wasn’t right…. you all told me.

Well, at first, I was a little freaked out.  I heard all your voices in my head….”oh great, you screwed up again, now what will they think?  That looks totally lame.”

But you know what?  My readers said they didn’t even notice!  They liked the story about how I had that horrendous fall.  They didn’t say a word about the post not being perfect.

So there…..all of you gremlins in my head….my peeps are telling me it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Some of them said they could relate, that they stand on their kitchen counters to change a light bulb and now they’re going to use stepladders instead of the washing machine.  Because they heard my story.    So we’re all going to be safer.  SEE?

And you know what?  I’m listening to my readers, not you bunch of whahoos.

If you show up here again while I’m writing or when I’m editing, then I’m insisting you go to Antarctica for awhile.  Seriously.  Your services are not needed anymore.

Because I’m making a commitment to my people…

To write my stories, for the ones who love to read my stuff.  I’m going to write and inspire my folks to go after their dreams, to be bold.  I’m going to encourage them every step of the way to make their life the way THEY want it, especially if they have saboteurs like you floating around in their heads.

Hey…come to think of it,  why don’t you just hang out with all my reader’s saboteurs and leave us alone to get down to savoring every moment of life, and being the powerful women we are.  We don’t need no stinkin’ saboteurs.  You hear that?

Now go away.  Scram.  Beat it.


What kind of saboteurs do you have?   Please post in the comment box below your personal favorites 🙂

What’s your best way to deal with them?

Maybe we can send them all on a road trip together.



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  1. Constance says:

    Mine is Mr. “That’s Never Going to Work”… He is super critical and ready to dissect every part of my decisions to find ways it won’t work. His endearing sister Miss “You’ll Look Like an Idiot” is never too far behind. The way I’ve learned to deal with them is to call on their courageous opponents: Mr “Watch Me Succeed” and Miss “That Doesn’t Scare Me”. It doesn’t always come naturally but I try remembering that I’m smart, powerful, and capable plus I’ll still look like a fool if I sit back and do nothing anyway. That’s what helps to quiet them downfor me. Fantastic read, Jo! Miss you!

    • Jo Hatcher says:

      Hey Constance, I have those same saboteurs! Oh my, “Miss look like an idiot” is so familiar. So glad to know someone else out there has those. And what a fantastic way to deal with both of them, by having their counterparts speak up. Love your way…fantastic!

      Thanks so very much for commenting. It helps when we share our stories. Miss you, too.


  2. Well said Jo!

  3. Hi there Jo
    Loved this and your natural style of writing and your humour even though I know only too well it is a serious subject and these saboteurs get in our way! I thought you might like this post on a blog I read sometimes . He is very funny, very insightful, has great cartoons and I find it helped. http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/06/taming-mammoth-let-peoples-opinions-run-life.html
    There are two other articles in this same blog that are fabulous – both about procrastination. Excellent stuff

    lots of love Kate x

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